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ENEA was founded in 1984 with its first participation in the FIM Trade Fair in Valencia (Spain), and showed a clear vocation to offer a modern design product that would be ideal for all kind of areas (private interiors; offices; hotels and restaurants; auditoriums, conference halls...).

ENEA furniture stands out for its versatility, comfort and the functionality of its components, which are crowned with a production and industrialisation process that is the result of intensive research by the R+D+i department.

Our philosophy is to create value in the form of a product, and to offer that product to an extensive global market by means of an innovative and personalised design that is industrialised following the strictest quality controls and requirements.

Our persistence in achieving these characteristics has helped to make ENEA a market leader and a reference company the field of collective seating. This has also been made possible thanks to the collaboration of prestigious, experienced designers such as Josep Lluscá, Gabriel Teixidó and Lievore Alhterr Molina.



Ola Auzoa nº 4,
(Guipúzcoa) SPAIN
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