Enea has received the 2022 National Design Award

This is awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and is the highest recognition for the design industry in Spain

PND 2022

This is the highest recognition for the design industry in Spain. It is awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation to acknowledge the work of professionals and companies that have greatly contributed to increasing the prestige of Spanish design.

We regard it as the award for an approach that we’ve been following together since 1984. And for a way of doing things. Enea represents a unique milestone in Spanish design, as it was created -and continues to work- as a cooperative. A brand in which the team members are also the owners of the project. With all the social elements that this implies. Demonstrating that another way of doing things is possible, and inspiring other companies around the world to operate based on values such as cooperation, commitment to the environment, and sustainability.

Our beautiful, strong, and sustainable furniture travels from our factory in the Basque Country to all corners of the globe to accompany you while you’re eating, chatting, or working. While you’re waiting, sharing, or resting. Not only are we incredibly thrilled by this recognition, but it is also a strong incentive for us to continue our work in this direction so that more designs like Lottus, Kaiak, and Noa can accompany thousands of people in their daily lives.

And, of course, thank you very much. Thanks to all the designers who have collaborated with Enea. Thanks to all the agents, distributors, consultants, architects, and interior designers who have helped us grow. Thanks to each and every one of the people on the team who work together every day to achieve our common goal. Thanks to all the people who have put their trust in our brand. We are all part of this award.

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