Enea furniture in the new stadium of La Real Sociedad

The Reale Arena looks renewed both outside and inside

Reale Arena

La Real Sociedad de Fútbol, ​​the first division team of the Spanish Football League, has a new stadium. If there is an obvious change at first glance, it is the exterior appearance, but the remodeling has also affected the interior of the Reale Arena.

Here is where Enea comes into play since we have been in charge of providing the equipment for many strategic areas such as common areas and conference rooms or offices. In this sense, we can find several models of our stools such as Coma 4L and Coma Wood in different VIP spaces, as well as LTS System tables with wooden legs.

Besides, the Club chose to equip its facilities with seats from the Lottus Lounge and Oh! families, Puck poufs, and Lottus AL and Iron tables.

This is not the first time that Enea collaborates with La Real Sociedad for the equipping of different spaces. As an example, the bar located in Zubieta, Harrobi, the facilities of the ARCCO shopping center, and some festivities such as the Foundation Day or the Club’s 110th anniversary.

At Enea, we are very proud to be part of a project that has allowed the Reale Arena to be much more than a football field for the city of San Sebastian.

Photographer: Alex Iturralde

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