Gabriel opens a new showroom in Barcelona

The place has been created by Friis & Moltke in cooperation with Areazero 2.0

Gabriel Showroom

Our fabric supplier Gabriel opened a new showroom in Barcelona which, in addition to being an exhibition space, is a meeting point where the sales team can establish stronger relations with their clients, provide them with new solutions and give them a much closer service.

Enea is among those clients since, from more than 1500 upholsteries we work with, almost a third of them are manufactured by Gabriel. In fact, in the new showroom, it is possible to find some products of Lottus collection, such as Lottus Confident chairs and stools with sledge structure, both of them fully upholstered with their fabrics.

Gabriel Showroom

The showroom, inaugurated on May 30, was created by the distinguished Danish architectural firm Friis & Moltke with the collaboration of Areazero 2.0, the studio from Barcelona which was responsible for remodeling the premises. The architects designed the space combining the color of the architecture of the city with the sober style of Scandinavia. Undoubtedly, this combination makes this new meeting point the perfect place to receive architects, interior designers and manufacturers.

Gabriel Showroom

Pictures: Marcela Grassi

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