Hotels, bars and restaurants that excite

Interior design and furniture is increasingly important in the hospitality sector


When we visit a hotel, a bar or a restaurant, we look for more than just eating or sleeping well. We want to be excited. To achieve this, space must be a whole where everything is perfectly integrated.

In this sense, interior design and, therefore, furniture, plays a very important role. Beyond the visual effect that it can cause, the furniture comes to life when it is used, so it is necessary to find a balance between usability, comfort and design.

Some areas of a hotel are simply intended for relaxation, such as receptions or waiting rooms. There, lounges and low tables take center stage, such as the ones from Kaiak, Lottus Lounge or Oh! collections, available in endless colour and upholstery combinations, and Iron tables, which have a stylish square steel base and tabletops with different finishes. With our Puck collection, on the other hand, it is possible to create unique compositions, and our Kubika modular seating system allows creating custom configurations.


As for bars and restaurants, we have solutions for all styles and areas, from high tables, such as Lottus AL ones, and stools from our Lottus, Lottus Wood, Coma or Coma Wood collections, to furniture that meet restaurants with warmer and Nordic style where wood plays a very important role. For these cases, we highlight our Kaiak chairs, where wood and upholstery are perfectly integrated, and our tables with an oak tabletop, such as the Iron or LTS System tables.


The multipurpose rooms have different uses like a business meeting, a conference, presentations… Hence, the type of furniture required must also be multipurpose. In this sense, at Enea, we have the Folio table, designed for flexible and dynamic environments, since its folding system and wheels allow stacking and storage it without compromising on aesthetic. On the other hand, the writing table, tray, and wheels of our Tray chair make it perfect as it can suit both collective and individual needs.

Undoubtedly, proper furniture provides a unique experience, something that is increasingly valued in the hospitality sector.

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