A new design for Lottus Wood family

The Lottus Wood spin chair is ideal for soft office and hospitality spaces

Lottus Wood spin

The Lottus Wood family, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, features a new spin foot design made of oak wood. Its incorporation brings warmth, lightness and comfort to the family, making it the ideal choice for soft office and hospitality spaces.

Lottus Wood spin

This new structure is made of natural or stained oak wood and, as with the four-legged chair, it can be attached to a lower or higher wooden, polypropylene or upholstered shell. Besides, it has oak wooden arms available in the same finishes as the structure.

Lottus Wood spin

Lottus Wood offers minimalism and flair with utilitarianism combined with coziness. Timber legs and finishes offer a subdued sophistication for comfort and warmth without compromising on elegance. Furthermore, this is a good example of how we integrate timber into our core collections in a broad range of ways to bring the integrity of this noble natural resource to our manufacturing.

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