Our accredited distributor in Australia visits Enea

The guests got to know Basque Culinary Center and had dinner in a typical gastronomic society

Ke Zu Enea

At Enea, we like inviting architects, collaborators, designers and distributors to get to know our facilities and our surroundings, since it seems to us the best way for them to understand our products and our philosophy. On this occasion, we had the pleasure of welcoming KE-ZU, our accredited distributor in Australia.

Arrived from the other side of the world, they went to the facilities of Enea and saw the entire production process, being able to see how we work with different materials that constitute our furniture such as steel, aluminum, upholsteries and wood. Besides, they were informed deeper about and tested first hand all the novelties that we have launched this year, among which are Pile and Iron tables, and seats of Puck, Street and Kaiak collections.

Ke Zu Enea

After an intense morning, they relaxed by getting to know our surroundings and our culture a bit more. As we have commented several times, gastronomy is one of the building blocks of our society, and that is why we could not let our guests leave without getting to know an emblematic institution of which we are collaborators: Basque Culinary Center. Its characteristic building houses a higher education Cooking school from which the most prepared chefs in the world come out.

Ke Zu Enea

Gastronomic societies are an important axis of our social life as well, places that are set up with a kitchen to have lunch or dinner in the company of other members, family or friends. However, these places are much more than meeting spaces, since cultural activities are organized. To be able to go to a gastronomic society, it is necessary to be invited by a member, and that is why it is not easy for foreign people to discover them. In this case, our guests could enjoy it by having dinner in one of the most authentic one, Aitzaki, which has almost a hundred years of history and is located in the old part of San Sebastian.

We hope to receive these and other professionals of the sector very soon and make them feel at home.

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