Bio chairs in a very historic location

The IES Claudio Moyano of Zamora has 250 of these chairs

IES Claudio Moyano

The construction of the Secondary Education Institute Claudio Moyano in Zamora was approved in 1902 and, although the first stone was laid that same year, it was not until 17 years later when its official opening took place. Subsequently, between 1990 and 1992, the passage of time imposed the remodeling of the building.

IES Claudio Moyano

The overall result of Claudio Moyano is remarkable as it still has its structural essence, which was provided with the necessary infrastructure for current education. Among others, around 250 Bio chairs are placed in orderly rows in the conference and building hall thanks to the connectors, one of its available accessories.

This project, carried out by Becedas, is a great example of how suitable this collection can be for high traffic spaces thanks to its balance between robustness and design.

For more than 100 years, the facility has been a point of reference and pride for the city of Zamora.



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