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Did you know that Enea is on BIMobject? Our profile on this platform includes over 40 products from our furniture catalogue, with photos, descriptions, and technical information; plus BIM files that are available for download.

What is BIMobject?

BIMobject is the world’s leading BIM file platform and one of those most used by architects and interior designers when creating 3D models of their projects, which also makes it a key tool for furniture manufacturers.

What is BIM content?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) content is a digital representation of a physical product (our chairs and tables, in this case). It is available in different formats, which are then used in software such as Autodesk Revit, MicroStation, or ArchiCAD for the creation of the project in question. These 3D files include all kinds of data about the product: brand, dimensions, weight, materials, texture, etc.

What is BIMobject used for?

BIMobject helps you manage all the information about a project properly and efficiently. Since BIM files contain multidimensional information, working with them makes the 3D project a true reflection of the real project. Therefore, it is possible to see what the final result will look like for new offices with Enea furniture, or a home, a hotel, etc. In addition, it enables projects to be much more reliable in terms of costs, times, and final finish.

With BIM, all the involved parties (i.e. architects, clients, builders, engineers, etc.) can work together in a single, shared, intelligent process; and many governments are already demanding its use for the bidding of public works.

This platform includes a 3D configurator which lets you visualise our products in various materials and with different finishes. It is a great customisation tool that lets you download the products with your chosen finish so you can include them in your project according to your requirements.


Among the Enea furniture available at BIM you can find chairs and armchairs from our Kaiak collection; Lottus Wood and Street chairs and stools; Puck poufs; stools from our Coma and Coma Wood collections; Pile, Iron, and LTS System tables; and pieces from our Lottus, Tray, Ema, Bio, Caddy, and Lottus Lounge families.

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