Disinfection measures for our furniture

The Covid-19 makes it necessary higher hygiene standards

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With the spread of the Covid-19, hygiene measures have never been so important, and that is why it is essential to know how to clean and disinfect the different surfaces around us.

At this point, it is important to note the difference between bacteria and viruses. Bacteria can grow on a surface and multiply, but viruses can’t thrive and reproduce outside a body.

Research to date indicates that Covid-19 lasts on surfaces for up to 48 hours in a normal, dry indoor environment. However, the exact lifetime of the coronavirus on surfaces remains being a matter of debate, and local authorities provide different answers. Accordingly, we recommend that government guidelines are followed in each country, state, or region.

Besides, at Enea, we want to make some general recommendations that allow reducing the risk of infection and minimizing the spread of the virus.

In the case of upholstery, special care must be taken with the products used for disinfection so that optimum cleaning is achieved without damaging the material. For this, it is advisable to avoid pre-soaking and use a neutral pH detergent without bleaching chemicals and in small amounts.

Some fabrics indeed tolerate the use of Ethanol for cleaning and disinfection, but others don’t. For this reason, it is advisable to contact the upholstery supplier to verify that the desired fabric allows it.

The rest of our furniture surfaces such as wood, steel or polypropylene can be disinfected with hydroalcoholic, chlorine or ozone solutions. The simplest option and the one that Enea recommends is a solution made up of 90-95% water and 10-5% bleach.

All these hygiene and disinfection measures allow the responsible use of our furniture without damaging it.

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