Lottus Note

BY Lievore Altherr Molina

This version of our relaxing and welcoming Lottus line adds a highly versatile writing table to this lower and more casual seating option. Using a swivel star base, it is ideal for hospitality spaces as well as office use, where the main objective is well-being and usability.

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  • Round tube ø25x2mm. in cold laminate steel.

  • Supports in injected aluminium L-2630 UNE 38-263.

  • Semi-automatically welding in arc robot with gas control and steel strip.ç

  • Base with 4 polished aluminium or lacquered supports, with non-slip tips.



Felt leg pads

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Divina — Enea Divina
Divina MD — Enea Divina MD
Napoli — Enea Napoli
PP037 (Pantone 533C) — Enea PP037 (Pantone 533C)
PP036 (Pantone 174C) — Enea PP036 (Pantone 174C)
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PP035 (Pantone 4975C) — Enea PP035 (Pantone 4975C)
PP033 (Pantone 5753C) — Enea PP033 (Pantone 5753C)
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PP032 (Pantone 5435C) — Enea PP032 (Pantone 5435C)
PP015 (RAL 7032) — Enea PP015 (RAL 7032)
PP017 (RAL7004) — Enea PP017 (RAL7004)
PP414 (RAL 7016) — Enea PP414 (RAL 7016)
PP003 (RAL 9016) — Enea PP003 (RAL 9016)
PP400 (RAL 9005) — Enea PP400 (RAL 9005)
N – Black with black color core — Enea N – Black with black color core
B – White with white color core — Enea B – White with white color core
R – Oak — Enea R – Oak
N — Enea N
B — Enea B
R – Oak — Enea R – Oak
X (Oak) — Enea X (Oak)
Valencia — Enea Valencia
Natté — Enea Natté
Credo — Enea Credo
Topia — Enea Topia
Hemp — Enea Hemp
Blazer — Enea Blazer
Xtreme Plus — Enea Xtreme Plus
Silk — Enea Silk
Urban Plus — Enea Urban Plus
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Main Life Flax — Enea Main Life Flax
Advantage — Enea Advantage
Atlantic W40 — Enea Atlantic W40
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Medley — Enea Medley
Atlantic — Enea Atlantic
Crisp — Enea Crisp
Step Melange — Enea Step Melange
Step — Enea Step
Fame — Enea Fame
Divina Melange — Enea Divina Melange
Messenger — Enea Messenger
Tonus — Enea Tonus
Hallingdal — Enea Hallingdal
Remix — Enea Remix
Canvas — Enea Canvas
Metric — Enea Metric
Clara — Enea Clara
Steelcut Trio — Enea Steelcut Trio
Umami — Enea Umami
Revive — Enea Revive
Field — Enea Field
Hero — Enea Hero
g (Pantone 533C) — Enea g (Pantone 533C)*
d (Pantone 174C) — Enea d (Pantone 174C)*
P (Pantone 1245C) — Enea P (Pantone 1245C)*
z (Pantone 4975C) — Enea z (Pantone 4975C)*
w (Pantone 5753C) — Enea w (Pantone 5753C)*
U (Pantone 7545C) — Enea U (Pantone 7545C)*
f (Pantone 5435C) — Enea f (Pantone 5435C)*
2 (RAL 7032) — Enea 2 (RAL 7032)*
T (RAL 7004) — Enea T (RAL 7004)*
G (RAL 7016) — Enea G (RAL 7016)*
Y (Birch) — Enea Y (Birch)
b (RAL 9016) — Enea b (RAL 9016)*
n (RAL 9005) — Enea n (RAL 9005)*
3 (Oak) — Enea 3 (Oak)
H (Beech) — Enea H (Beech)
3D449 (Oak) — Enea 3D449 (Oak)
N — Enea N
B — Enea B
4 (Cr.) — Enea 4 (Cr.)