Lottus in one of the biggest corporate firm in France

Our stools are present in Galeo, Bouygues Immobilier headquarters

Bouygues Immobilier

The way of working is evolving and, at the same time, the work areas do so. That is why Yad Space carried out a complete redesign with a startup spirit for more colorful and audacious spaces in Bouygues Immobilier headquarters, named Galeo, in Issy-Les-Moulineaux, France, one of the biggest corporate firm in the country.

Specifically, it is possible to find different thematics and styles in each of the eight floors of the building with open spaces and brainstorming areas, what allows to choose the most efficient place for each kind of task. Furthermore, due to the fact that coworking spaces are becoming more and more usual in companies, the ground floor switched to a social place where employees and clients can have more informal meetings.

For the redesign work, Yad Space thought of Enea and chose upholstered Lottus stools with the structure lacquered in different colors, what gives playfulness to the spaces.

Bouygues Immobilier

The building of Galeo is very well-known since it was designed by Christian de Portzamparc, winner of The Pritzker Architecture Prize.

In Enea, we know very well how fast the companies are evolving and that is why our products are doing so with the aim of adequating to the new way of working.


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