Street and Pile, collections designed for outdoor use

Outdoor spaces can be the ideal place for meetings, informal events or taking a rest

Street silla

Our uses, habits and lifestyle blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside, between work time and leisure time. For this reason, more and more companies, hotels, bars and restaurants think their terraces are as important as their interior facilities.

In this sense, our solutions include collections of furniture for terraces, available in all our colors, from the most neutral to the most colorful shades, all of them with something in common: functionality and contemporary design.

On the one hand, unique techniques in tubular steel shapping allows Street chairs and stools to endure any outdoor conditions while being minimalist, sleek and comtemporary, setting a new standard in exterior furniture design.

Street silla

Pile tables, meanwhile, offer exceptional functionality without compromising form. The specially designed Pile base looks great and provides total stability, while the unique folding mechanism allows these tables to be effortlessly folded.

Besides, both Street chairs and stools and Pile tables are stackable, making them perfect options for dynamic environments.

The idea that terraces and outdoor spaces are only used in summer has been left behind; they can be the ideal place for meetings, informal events or simply to relax and also in winter.

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