The worker, the main axis in the transport company RLC

Some of our collections equip the offices in Valencia

RLC Headquarters

The objective of the project carried out by Nada in the transport company RLC in Valencia has been to create a space where people feel comfortable and connected to the outside. Interaction between individuals has been encouraged with the idea of ​​strengthening the group’s ties and stimulating their performance and teamwork.

The idea was to create an extension of the public space towards the interior of the premises, connecting interior and exterior. It is built within the built to create a small neighborhood. For this, the materials and colors of the environment are respected to generate a large open space at street level. Equipment is projected to promote serendipity and disconnection during the rest time. In this way, the people who work here can develop their workday in harmony with the space, avoiding the effect of isolation.

In the large reception area, located at the same level of the street, Lottus Lounges and vegetation configure the waiting, rest or informal meetings area. This reception connects directly, without any physical barrier, to the large open space where the operational work stations are located and which have been equipped with our Lottus spin chairs.

The interior facade contains a generous resting area on the ground floor with our Coma stools. Here, employees can have their breakfast or lunch, but visits can also be mixed with them to enjoy coffee during an informal meeting.

On the first floor, we find a spacious meeting area that preserves the visual to the green area at the backside of the building and also to the working square through a glass enclosure and a balcony from which you can see all the activity happens on the ground floor. In the other side, a space that works as a small meeting room, office or concentration booth is projected. Both spaces are also equipped with Lottus collection chairs.

The result is a contemporary reinterpretation of the open space office, in this case, inspired by a square and its facades. Nada has managed to combine a current design with a timeless people-focused style.

Photographs: Daniel Rueda

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