Two new additions to the Ema family

Currently, the collection features an upholstered pad option and a new linking device


Our Ema collection continues to grow with two new additions: an upholstered seat pad and a linking device.

This family is characterized by its high stackability, being able to stack up to 20 units on the ground and 45 on a transport and storage trolley, and 15 and 20 units respectively when the seat is upholstered.

In this sense, the new upholstered seat pad is very useful for multipurpose or public spaces, as it allows the same number of units to be stacked by causing less friction than the full upholstery version. In the case of the stool, this new option allows stacking up to 5 units. Besides, this pad can be combined with a polypropylene or upholstered back.

The new linking device, on the other hand, is an intuitive and easy-to-use part, valid for all versions of the family, both chairs and stools. Its versatility and functionality make the Ema family the best choice for all contract environments.

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