Design furniture for a coworking space in Mexico

These new offices have been furnished with chairs, stools and tables from Enea’s Lottus, Tray and Pile collections

Homework Polanco

This year a new coworking space has opened its doors in Mexico City. Homework Polanco is located in a 1950’s modernist building in the heart of one of the most relevant commercial areas in the city. With a floor space of 850 m2, this building houses different zones across its 4 floors.

The studio in charge of the project, The Cult, wanted to keep the design lines of the original building whilst introducing a contemporary feel to help create a more flexible environment that met the requirements of the coworking space. In addition, they looked into creating comfortable spaces, and defined the different environments on each floor through the use of distinctive colour ranges. Part of that comfort has been provided by Enea furniture, in collaboration with Steelcase México.

Lottus and Tray design chairs for the most adaptable area

Homework Polanco

A flexible coworking space is located on the first floor and includes several workstations, a meeting room furnished with our Lottus armchair, and a training room equipped with our Tray chair. The Tray chair, with its writing table, tray, and structure with castors, is the perfect choice for this type of multi-purpose environment. In addition, Enea stools have been included in the cafeteria.

Lottus design chairs and stools and Pile folding tables for the event spaces and relaxing areas

The ‘Speakeasy’ on the second floor is an area for relaxing or for having a coffee with coworkers. This has been furnished with our Lottus spin stool, with the upholstered seat option for greater comfort.

Alongside the Speakeasy area is the auditorium. This has been conceived as a space for all types of events (i.e. educational, social, etc.) and has been equipped with Lottus chairs, with or without arms, and with our Pile table, whose intuitive folding mechanism and easy stackability make it a perfect solution for dynamic environments such as this.

Our Lottus confident office chair has been selected for the most exclusive area

Homework Polanco

Lastly, the third floor includes private offices, which are fully furnished and comprise all services. Our comfortable and attractive Lottus confident chair with castors has been chosen for this working space.

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