One solution for each need

Our finishes and accessories allow great customization possibilities


Enea’s products are highly configurable so each customer can obtain the furniture that best suits their needs. This is possible thanks to our own paint line and the wide variety of colours and upholstery options available.

Specifically, we have twelve lacquer and polypropylene colours, and more than 40 upholstery collections for indoor and outdoor use that result in endless configurations. Besides, we have a wide range of accessories for our chairs, stools, lounges and tables, such as writing tables, linking devices, cable holders and modesty panels.

Despite the great variety we have, it is true that on many occasions customers need products to have very particular characteristics, such as specific measures, colours, fabrics and accessories. In these cases, at Enea, we study each case to give a satisfactory solution with same quality as always.

As an example, we have the case of the Harrobi bar in Zubieta, the facilities of La Real Sociedad football club, where in addition to having painted the furniture with the team’s colors, we added graphical elements on the backrests and produced tabletops that simulated a football pitch.


Another example is the University of Deusto. In this case, custom accessories were added to the tables, such as electrification systems, and folding seats were manufactured.


Our goal is not only to offer furniture for any type of location, but also to offer furniture for each company, each educational environment, each office or each bar.

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