A54insitu trusts Enea for its new studio

The Architecture and Interior Design studio has Lottus High, Lottus Conference and LTS System collections


The A54insitu Architecture and Interior Design studio specializes in the remodeling and transformation of spaces from the first step, the generation of the idea, to the final execution of the project. On other occasions, we have talked about projects carried out by them to their clients but, in this case, the work has been done in their own studio.

Almost 15 years after the creation of A54insitu, the studio has a new workspace in Emilio Alfaro square in Zaragoza. This is a great step forward for the team since the aesthetic they achieved is not only functional but also attractive. Besides, it has different work areas, all of them very suitable to cover their needs. For the furnishing, Lottus High office armchairs with green upholstery were chosen, which brings a great touch of color to the environment. Furthermore, a natural oak wooden LTS System table surrounded by Lottus Conference chairs can be found in the meeting room.


It is a great honor that an Architecture and Interior Design studio, which has a great knowledge of the sector, trusts us to remodel its own house.

It is not the first time that A54insitu has relied on us. As an example, they chose our Coma Wood stools for Mott restaurant in Zaragoza, one more impeccable project.

Photographs: Estefanía Abad.

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