Al Lado restaurant reinterprets traditional elements of Seville

The wood of our Kaiak chairs refers to the boats that used to travel along the Guadalquivir river

al lado

In the Middle Ages, under the rule of Islam, Seville was a city dedicated to commerce. Subsequently, the discovery of new routes to Asia and the colonization of America in the 16th and 17th centuries made it the hub for trade between the ‚old and the new world‘.

Estudio Flop used three major references for the interior design project of the Al Lado restaurant at the Sevillian Hotel Eme Catedral: markets for exotic products, the Guadalquivir river, with its wealth-bearing ships, and certain architectural elements of historical buildings.

Space is organized around a large open kitchen, which is inspired by the stalls in a street market and that aims to offer a show where the main stars are cooks and waiters.

Wood is used as a reference to the boats that crossed the Guadalquivir river: on the ceiling, with wooden slats, on the furniture, with our natural oak wooden Kaiak chairs that have a barrel appearance, and on the floor, with a similar pattern of the one that Arabs used to symbolize the flow of water and the river.

The facilities have other traditional elements and materials such as ceramic tiles, lime paints, bronze, marble and semicircular arches.

The Al Lado restaurant reinterprets several traditional elements of the city of Seville in a contemporary way. It is also a stage where the flavors that crossed the ocean in a round trip are displayed.

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