Tema: new stackable table

The new Tema table, designed by Estudi Manel Molina, is our most stackable table to date

Tema table

One of our latest pieces that will finally see the light is our Tema table. Designed by the Catalan studio Estudi Manel Molina, Tema is conceived for multipurpose and highly functional spaces, such as training rooms and schools. This table features the same level of stackability that is often associated to chairs, enabling stacking of up to 10 units.

Tema features a steel structure that can be chromed or lacquered in any of our colours, and its tabletop and side panel are available in either Fenix or HPL. Thanks to the use of a lighter tube structure, as opposed to the more typical solid frame, it can be easily handled by a single person.

It also features a trolley for easy transport and storage, which can hold up to 20 stacked units. This accessory is ideal for those areas where a class needs to be taught and then used for a different activity immediately afterwards. With the trolley, the tables can be quickly put away or moved to another area.

Tema table

We recommend combining Tema with chairs from our Ema collection, which are also stackable. This creates an unbeatable match for areas that need to be assembled and disassembled in the blink of an eye.

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