The Lottus score at the Philharmonie de Paris

The new Philharmonie de Paris chooses the Lottus collection of seats and Punto table to furnish the Park Level bar.Philharmonie de Paris bar lottus collection

Renowned architect Jean Nouvel has designed the Philharmonie de Paris. A building integrated into the urban and architectural context of the area, which shares the spotlight with the “City of Music” and the “Conservatory”.

The Philharmonie de Paris, located in the Parc de la Villette in northeastern Paris, is a cultural institution that combines different spaces dedicated to music. Rooms for concerts, rehearsal, exhibitions, as well as educational services. The numerous spaces of the Philharmonie make it a unique cultural center.

A building of great complexity in geometry, both external and internal, and in its structural design, since it combines reinforced concrete and metal structures. A design with elements of great uniqueness and complexity that has sought to approach the lovers of musical art.

At the Park Level bar, an elegant setting under the portico and overlooking Fontaine aux Lions square, has been fully equipped with the Lottus collection. Maintaining the gray tones and, following the exterior chromatic line of the building, our Lottus Spin chairs, Lottus stools and Punto tables offer comfort, a friendly character and a modern and attractive solution to the space.

Philharmonie de Paris bar lottus collection

A project carried out jointly with our distributor MOORE in Paris.Philharmonie de Paris bar lottus collection

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