Enea Work in Progress — Enea Design 16/10/2018

Enea Work in Progress

Here’s a little update on what we are working on at the moment; a behind the scenes glimpse into the…

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Enea with the environment — Enea Design 03/09/2018

Enea with the environment

In Enea we take into account the simplicity, the recyclability and reuse, and the reduction of dangerous materials   In…

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Enea Colours — Enea Design 28/08/2018

Enea Colours

The new colours of Enea are inspired by Denise Boxler and our surroundings As part of the changes we have…

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Australia visits Enea — Enea Design 01/08/2018

Australia visits Enea

In June, Enea organized a reverse mission with Australian architects to show them our latest news Last June, in Enea…

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Enea’s Price List 2018 — Enea Design 08/03/2018

Enea’s Price List 2018

Enea’s 2018 Price List has been updated with the latest furniture, finishes and accessories. As every year at this time,…

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