Lottus Lounge High

BY Lievore Altherr Molina

The Lottus Lounge High is generously sized armchair with a high backrest which turns it into an even more comfortable seat, as well as being a new solution for equipping rest areas for communal installations: waiting areas, hotel foyers, reading rooms, office reception areas as well as for home use. It’s an excellent solution for those spaces looking for elegant and comfortable proposals.

The Lottus Lounge High Ottoman, with the same lines as the Lottus chair and with a base with 4 aluminium legs, has been developed as an accessory to be used with the chair as a footrest.

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  • Round 14x2mm tube in cold laminated steel.
  • Semiautomatic arc robot welding with gas controlled steel strip.
  • Base with 4 polished aluminium or lacquered supports, with non-slip tips.

Pluma Lottus Lounge High

Felt leg pads

  • Shell in 2D wood or upholstery.
  • Seat in upholstery.
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