Enea participates in the Mondragon ‘Hospitality’ project

This intercooperation project brings together 9 cooperatives for their mutual collaboration in the hotel sector

Mondragon Hospitality

On 31st March 2022, the Mondragon Corporation’s ‘Hospitality’ project was presented at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian (Basque Country). Enea is a member of this new initiative, along with 8 other cooperatives (ERREKA, Fagor Electrónica, Gerodan, Kide, KREAN, Ondoan, ONNERA Contract, and ULMA Architectural Solutions), whose aim is to join forces to provide a grouped offer for the hotel, tourism, and healthcare sectors.

Amongst many others, the event was attended by Reyes Maroto (Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Government of Spain), Arantxa Tapia (Basque Government’s Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment), Javier Hurtado (Basque Government’s Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Consumption), Markel Olano (President of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa), and Iñigo Ucín (Chairman of Mondragon Corporation). Mr Ucín presented ‘Hospitality’, a project that, in his own words, “seeks to join forces to multiply abilities” and “show the wide and diverse scope of our offer for this sector”.

The companies that make up this project employ over 4000 people and generate a turnover of more than 500 million euros, so this is one of the primary business collectives for industrial activities and services related to the tourism, hotel, and healthcare sectors in our country. The large number of products and services offered by these cooperatives could be sufficient to build a new hotel or residence.

Enea creates design furniture that is suitable for the hotel industry. Our Kubika modular bench, as well as all our lounge chairs, fit perfectly in lobbies and waiting rooms. Our durable chairs are ideal for conference rooms and training spaces. Our Street collection is the perfect match for terraces or outdoor areas, and Lottus and Kaiak are great collections for the restaurant sector. Enea means endless possibilities.

Photography: TUlankide.

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