10 years of Folio

We’re celebrating the tenth anniversary of our ultimate folding table, designed by Josep Lluscà

Mesa Folio

This year our Folio table is celebrating its 10th anniversary as one of the most versatile design folding tables on the market. Created by the team of the Barcelona-born designer Josep Lluscà, this table was conceived for flexible and dynamic environments. Both its folding system and its broad range of accessories make it the perfect fit for any kind of setting.

The Folio folding table was specifically designed for the contract market, i.e. for those multifunctional spaces in companies, institutions, schools, and universities, which are used for meetings and workshops. Nonetheless, this table can work just as well in meeting rooms, offices, libraries, work spaces, etc. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Folio can be collapsed, stacked and stored easily and quickly without compromising on looks.

This is a user-friendly, flexible table that can be folded with just one hand. It features castors so it can be easily moved around. It can also be stacked up wherever suitable or transported by means of an optional transport trolley. This saves time as you don’t need to worry about assembly or dismantling, plus you save on storage space. Our Folio table consists of a melamine top, available in different sizes, and a metal structure. It can also include additional accessories, such as modesty panels, front or lateral panels, etc.

Since 2011, this collapsible table has been used in a great number of interior design projects to furnish a wide range of facilities: Real Sociedad’s football stadium in Donostia-San Sebastián (Basque Country), the Red Cross headquarters in Ceuta (Spain), offices in the Czech Republic, training centres in Romania, a primary school in Latvia, and many more. We are certain that Folio will continue being a part of countless spaces, for at least another 10 years. Many happy returns, Folio!

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