Top design tables for working from home

Mesas teletrabajo

For most people, September means the end of the summer holidays and the start of the regular routine. This involves the return to the office or, more and more often, working from home. We have previously talked about the importance of choosing the right chair for teleworking. However, selecting the correct office desk when you work from home is just as essential.

Design tables for working from home: the perfect mix of functionality and style

The office desk you choose for working remotely needs to be spacious, practical and suitable for the space that you have available at home. Our teleworking desks not only meet all these requirements but are also aesthetically appealing. They have been created by some of the most prestigious design studios, including Lluscà Design and Estudi Manel Molina.

Discover the best office desks for remote working

We often don’t have the right desk to work from home, leaving us with no alternative but to use the dining table, for instance. This is why we want to help you with this guide which includes Enea’s best design tables for your home office.

LTS System design tables: endless combinations for working from home

The LTS System collection by Enea offers a great number of solutions for professional environments thanks to its varying heights, sizes, and finishes, as well as its broad range of accessories.

Mesa LTS System madera

LTS System design table with wooden legs

The LTS System table with wooden legs is the cosiest table in this collection. With an oak tabletop and wooden legs made of either birch, or natural or stained oak, this table provides the perfect warmth to any room. The top can also be made of Fenix NTM or HPL Compact, and is available in several shapes, enabling you to create a telework area that suits your specific needs.

Mesa LTS System acero

LTS System office desk with steel legs

What sets this LTS System table apart from the other table in this range is its steel legs. These provide a more serious and professional look, making it ideal for those with a study at home. This is a robust design table that can include several accessories, such as an electrical system, cable trays and clamps, leg cable runners, etc.

The Folio home office table, adaptable to any space

On its tenth anniversary, Folio is the ultimate folding table. Designed by Josep Lluscà, this table fits like a glove in any corner of your home.

Mesa Folio

Folio telework table

The Folio table has been specifically designed for flexible and dynamic environments. Thanks to its folding system, it can be collapsed and stored in any corner of the house once your working day is over. The table doesn’t compromise on looks and also features castors, so it can be moved effortlessly from one place to another in case your working space changes.

The range of tables from Enea is clearly a safe bet to furnish your home working space, with designs so varied that there is certainly something for everyone.

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