Taber is an elegant and versatile table that’s ready to be part of cafés, work environments, and many other places that want to be adapted to today’s life. It is available in two different heights and features a unique wooden frame.


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Designed by Estudi Manel Molina

Collaborating with top design studios has always been a fundamental part of Enea’s essence.

Founded in 2016, Estudi Manel Molina combines the work of Manel Molina with that of other professionals like Raimon Monsarro, Daniel Castro, and Blanca Roigé, for the development of furniture, product, and communication projects. Prior to this, Manel Molina worked at the Miguel Milá studio and co-founded the Lievore Altherr Molina studio in 1991, along with Alberto Lievore and Jeannette Altherr. Throughout his career, he has undertaken industrial design projects, provided consultancy services, and served as an artistic director for various companies worldwide.

Why Taber?

  • Maximum versatility to create functional and stylish spaces.
  • The union of the tube with the tabletop support and the base is hidden, creating a floating sensation that gives the product a more sophisticated look.
  • It is available in both oak and beech wood, and perfectly matches with most of our collections.
  • Enjoy the ‘made in Enea’ attention to detail.
  • Can be customised in 12 different colours to help unleash your inspiration.

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