Table Bases Way


The Way Table has a steel structure lacquered in any of our colours and a table top that comes in different finishes and sizes. Its structure provides lightness and, thanks to the wide range of accessories available, this table fulfils the needs of any office or working environment.


  • 50x50 mm extruded aluminium structure.
  • Mechanical structure joint system.
  • Die-cast aluminium joint parts.


  • Ecodesign (ISO 14006).
  • With the end-of-life stage in mind, the number of components has been minimised and they are all easy to separate and can be 100% recycled or reused.


  • UNE-EN ISO 14006:2011.
  • Environment compliant with ISO 14001.
  • Indoor Advantage Gold certified (air quality in interior spaces).
  • Cable tray.

  • Clamp bushing.

  • Plug tray.

  • Cable block.

  • Cable leg.

  • Leveling leg.

  • Regulator leg.

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