Enea invests its efforts in new work environments

Our furniture is designed to be adapted to multidisciplinary areas

The way of working is evolving and, at the same time, the work areas do so, becoming more open and collaborative, transversal and dynamic, and giving more importance to the employee’s comfort than in the past. Because of that, the design furniture is more and more important in these environments, always taking into account the functionality.

In Enea, we have realized how these social changes affect the demands of the market and every time we are investing more efforts in designing contemporary furniture that meet these demands.

High tables and stools

High tables and stools are becoming increasingly more common in the work areas since they are perfect for informal but comfortable meetings in a more relaxed atmosphere than the usual meeting rooms are.

Among others, we can highlight the high tables of the Lottus, Punto and LTS System collections, and the Lottus, Lottus Wood, Coma and Coma Wood stools.

Lounges, poufs and low tables

In addition to being suitable for waiting rooms, this furniture is increasingly used to have meetings with customers, colleagues or suppliers, being able to feel closer to them and avoiding the barriers that traditional office tables have. Among others, we can highlight the Lottus, Lottus Wood and Oh! lounges with different structures and finishes and Puck poufs, made in different heights and with a wide color combination available.

On wheels

Nowadays, companies need multidisciplinary spaces that allow a wide variety of activities such as talks, training or coworking days. For this, in addition to Puck poufs, which can be made with castors, in Enea we have worked on the Tray chair with castors and writing table, as weel as on the folding Folio table, also with wheels, which allow it to be moved and stored in a comfortable and fast way.

Another of our folding tables is our Pile novelty, with a folding mechanism designed by us specifically for it. Like many of our other products, it comes with a trolley that make easier to move some of them at the same time.

We can also say that the economy of space is transferred to almost all of our chairs, since most of them are stackable. We even have chairs that can be stacked up to 45 units, like those in our Ema collection.

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