Furniture in pastel colours for offices in Mexico

The customisation of the colours and finishes of our collections contributes to create a space that is as elegant as welcoming


The architecture studio LGZ has been responsible for designing the new offices of Manuchar, a global marketing, logistics, and distribution company based in Monterrey (Mexico). The high level of customisation offered by our design furniture, provided by Steelcase Mexico, helps adapt these pieces perfectly to the space and aesthetics of the company.

The furniture selected includes pieces from our Oh!, Lottus, and Coma Wood collections upholstered in pastel colours, which helps create warm and relaxed environments that, when combined with wood, result in offices where you really feel like working.

Our Oh! lounge chairs as a letter of introduction


As soon as you enter their offices, you’ll find our Oh! lounge 4-star and Oh! table. These pieces are the absolute protagonists of the lobby. They are the perfect choice for any waiting area, making clients and visitors welcome with their sophisticated and warm lines.

Lottus chairs: more than suitable for the working areas

The working spaces have been furnished with design chairs from our Lottus collection. These sturdy chairs have been designed for prolonged use but without compromising on comfort or looks. Our Lottus chair and Lottus armchair, in white with an upholstered seat pad in pastel colours, have been selected for the offices and the areas for more impromptu meetings.

In contrast, our Lottus confident chair with castors, with additional arms, has been chosen for the main meeting room. With its white frame and full upholstery in pastel shades, this piece will be sure to captivate all eyes during meetings.

Coma Wood stool: versatility and style


Our Coma Wood stool, in natural oak and with an upholstered seat, not only is ideal for working individually at a counter, on an occasional basis, but also for socialising with colleagues and enjoy those great little moments that take place in the office.

Photography: Daniel Sanchez Studio.

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