Lottus, among volcanoes

Our chairs and stools equip the Vulkano Villas holiday homes in Lanzarote


Vulkano Villas are holiday homes that provide the essence of Lanzarote together with the avant-garde design furniture, and they have the design as the common thread of the space, from the architecture itself to the choice of every detail. The main idea of ​​Vulkano Estudio at the beginning of the project was to create an ecosystem where architecture, landscape and design were combined to generate a place to enjoy experiences.

The house, made by the architect Federico Zorrilla Abascal, was conceived as a plant that grows and branches out and configures both the interior and exterior spaces, looking for the most interesting orientations and views while integrating into the landscape.

The project has many references to the island, from the access, through a white concrete path with irregular pieces of volcanic stone, to the cacti located in the outer area and that evokes the cacti garden that César Manrique created.

Inside, the living room, the kitchen and dining area are delimited with large windows that blur the boundary between the interior and the exterior space and create continuity with the terrace.

The furniture chosen for the house contains a basic color palette, consisting mainly of grays and blacks, oak wood and some touches of yellow. These finishes give the spaces their own identity and manage to focus all attention on the exterior landscape. Among others, Vulkano Estudio chose our Lottus stools with a black lacquered spin frame and natural oak wooden shell, and our Lottus Wood chairs.

This project has been carried out to feel, to spend time looking out from the windows or to enjoy a glass of local wine while the sun fades behind the volcanoes.

Photographs: César San Millán Agüera

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