Kaiak equips Martín Berasategui’s eMe Be Garrote restaurant

The chef from San Sebastian has 12 Michelin Stars

eMe Be Garrote by Martín Berasategui

Martín Berasategui is an internationally well regarded chef from San Sebastian who at present has 12 Michelin Stars among 7 of his restaurants around the world.

One of the last Stars was won in 2019 by its eMe Be Garrote restaurant, located in an old cider house in San Sebastian that is characterized by its balance between traditional Basque, contemporary and Scandinavian styles.

In this gastronomic place, almost a hundred of our Kaiak chairs have been chosen with upholstered seat in Step fabric, by Gabriel. This model belongs to a collection that we launched in 2018 thinking of much more friendly, warm and sustainable furniture that goes in line with the new market trends.

Made of natural oak and with subtly curving shell that remembers the shape of the cider barrels that are at the restaurant, Kaiak suits perfectly a space of ceilings with exposed wooden beams, decorative trunks and lamps made with wicker baskets that provide dim and warm light to the guests.

As you know, our philosophy is very related to our surroundings, to our landscapes, to our architecture… For all that, we are very proud of being part of this restaurant, which represents our gastronomy very well and which is run by a great ambassador of the Basque culture.

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