Our Lottus, among the forests in Haute Savoie

SILO Architects was in charge of redesigning Pôle d’Excellence Bois in France

Pôle d’Excellence Bois

Located among the forests in Haute Savoie, France, Pôle d’Excellence Bois is a resource center for the development of timber products used in the design and construction industries.

The original space, an old industrial empty building with white walls and visible cabling, was radically redesigned thanks to SILO Architectes, who knew how to reinterpret the space using wood to create an atmosphere like the forest itself. This idea was also translated to the geometric acoustic patterns that cover the walls, manufactured by BAUX, which re-interpret the tree as a unified visual identity throughout the space.

Pôle d’Excellence Bois

Our Lottus chairs were selected to equip the space, a choice that couldn’t fit better in the philosophy of the project taking into account that this collection takes its cues from nature due to its versatility and organic lines.

The redesign of Pôle d’Excellence Bois makes it not only a hub and resource center for carpenters, designers and manufacturers, but also a place for discussion and sharing ideas.

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