Strong and long-lasting design furniture for the contract sector

The Ema and Pile collections stand out for their stackability


At Enea, we manufacture furniture for all kinds of spaces. Among others, we design collections for a collective, severe and intensive use. This is possible thanks to the quality, strength and durability of the selected materials and finishes, as well as our engineering, manufacturing and assembly.

Besides, the design is increasingly important in the contract sector and must be present in every detail. It is necessary to produce furniture that meets the requirements for this type of facility and which is aesthetically attractive.

Without a doubt, our Ema and Pile collections are the ones that best meet these needs since they are strong and transportable chairs and tables, stackable and encastrable, foldable and linkable. And they have also a good design. In fact, Ema chairs can stack up to 45 units and Pile table has a folding mechanism designed specifically for this model, which makes it very suitable for multipurpose spaces.

These collections are not the only ones that adapt to these spaces. At Enea, we have been working on collections designed for the contract sector since 1984, among which we can highlight the Eina and Bio chairs, as well as the Lottus High ones thanks to the design of their high backrest. Since that year, we have carried out multiple projects of this type, such as hospitals, conference centers, educational centers or auditoriums.

On the other hand, we offer our clients multiple accessories that make these and other collections have a high degree of versatility and usability, such as linking devices, transport and storage trolleys, and writing tables.

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