The employees: the main focus of the transport company RLC

The RLC offices in Valencia are equipped with several of our collections

RLC Headquarters

The purpose of this project, led by Nada at the Valencia premises of the transport company RLC, was to create a space where people feel comfortable as well as connected to the outside. The project promotes better interaction between the staff with the aim of strengthening the group’s ties to help improve teamwork and boost performance.

The idea was to create an extension of the public space towards the interior of the premises, thereby connecting the inside with the outside. The construction work took place within the building itself to create something like a small indoor neighbourhood. In order to achieve this, the colour scheme and materials of the surrounding area were maintained to create a large open space at street level where the staff can spend their working day in harmony with the environment without feeling isolated. In addition, the chosen equipment for this area promotes the generation of new ideas and encourages employees to unwind during break times.

In the reception area, located at street level, our Lottus Lounges seats perfectly combine with the vegetation to create zones for either waiting, resting, or holding informal meetings. This reception area connects directly, without any architectural barriers, to the large open space where the operational work takes place, which has been equipped with our Lottus spin chairs.

On the ground floor, the interior façade includes an extensive rest area furnished with our Coma stools. In this space the staff can enjoy their breakfast or lunch, and visitors can also enjoy a coffee during informal meetings.

On the first floor we can find two main zones. The first is a spacious meeting area that preserves the views of the gardens at the back of the building. This area also has a glass enclosure and a balcony looking onto the courtyard, which provides a clear view of all the activity on the ground floor. The second is a space that works as either a small meeting room, an office, or a study booth. Both spaces have been equipped with chairs from our Lottus collection.

The result is undoubtedly a contemporary reinterpretation of the open space office, inspired in this case by a courtyard and its façades. On this occasion Nada has succeeded in combining a modern design with a timeless, people-oriented style.

Photography: Daniel Rueda

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