Lottus, at the service of 1.200 employees

Life Science Center’s restaurant and cafeteria underwent a complete interior redesign

life science center

Life Science Center is a significant hub of life science and technology companies in Espoo, Finland, providing a modern working environment for 1.200 employees from 34 companies.

Recently, the restaurant and the cafeteria underwent a complete interior redesign under the direction of Yesper and with Modeo as the supplier.

The aim of the project was to achieve a harmonious and functional space at the same time, for which elegant softly coloured furniture, which supports the renewed brand and that is easy to keep clean, was chosen. Among others, we can find a large number of Lottus chairs and stools with sledge structure and polypropylene shell.

Life Science Center has the goal of providing a working environment where people stay motivated and work productively. The small details on spaces, the lighting, the furniture and the services make the daily life of the employees more enjoyable, and this new restaurant is a very good example of this.

Photographs: Rebecca Watson Photography

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