Lottus Wood at the historical Le Centorial

Some of our stools have been chosen to equip different common areas

Le Centorial

Le Centorial is an iconic Parisian building designed in 1895 by Victor Laloux and has a large metal roof, almost 20 meters high, designed by the Eiffel workshop. In addition to having become a business center at the forefront of modernity, it has repeatedly served as a prestigious venue for fashion shows.

Last year, several common areas of Deka company in the basement of the building were redesigned and restructured such as meeting rooms, a sitting room, a reception, a restaurant and a cafeteria. The project, which covered 1,300 square meters, was carried out by ORY Architecture and Zacharie Agencement with the collaboration of our accredited distributor in Paris, Moore, and several of our stools from the Lottus Wood collection were chosen to equip the cafeteria.

Le Centorial

The natural oak wood of this model combines perfectly with the wood of the dividers and with the ornament of the bar. These stools, chosen with a white polypropylene shell, fits also very well the warm style and the luminosity of the room.

Le Centorial

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