Natural and faux leather, among the Enea options

We collaborate with Elmo Leather, Leder Reinhardt and Spradling to offer the best quality to our customers


Since time immemorial, human beings can’t imagine life without leather. Leather is hard and resistant, flexible and manageable. It is a material that appeals directly to the senses: it smells, and has a wonderful touch and an attractive appearance. Furthermore, it is a living material that matures over the years and develops its personality.

Leather is robust, smart and timeless. For this reason, at Enea, we offer the option of upholstering our furniture with high-quality leather: Elmo Soft, by Elmo Leather, and Genua, by Leder Reinhardt.

Both have carefully developed a tanning process where tear resistance, colour, and resistance to rubbing and light are only a part of the tests that leather has to go through.

On the other hand, at Enea, we offer the Valencia and Silvertex faux leather option, by Spradling, for those customers who, despite not wanting leather, are looking for a similar attractive result, of high quality and at an affordable price.

The secret of the natural and faux leather we offer for our furniture lies in the close collaboration with our suppliers and the incessant search for perfect solutions.

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