Taber table, one of a kind

Our table collection continues to grow with the addition of the new Taber table, designed for Enea by Estudi Manel Molina

Taber table

The third of our new 2022 designs isn’t another chair collection but a truly special table. Designed by Estudi Manel Molina, the new Taber table is an elegant and versatile piece which wants to be part of the life of homes, cafes, work environments, etc.

It features a steel base which can be lacquered in 12 different colours, and its tabletop can be made of various materials: oak wood, Fenix, or HPL. As a novelty feature, you can choose the shape of both the tabletop and the base (round, square, or rounded-square). They don’t necessarily have to have the same shape, which increases the number of customisation options.

It features a unique wooden structure (in either oak or beech wood) and is available in two different heights (37 and 73 cm), so it can fit perfectly into a great number of spaces.

Taber table 37 cm

The 37 cm Taber table is ideal for corporate and hospitality environments, like for instance a hotel lobby, a company’s reception area, or a rest area in a larger firm.

Taber table

Taber table 73 cm

The 73 cm Taber table can be suitable for either a home dining room or a cafe or restaurant, where its wooden frame provides a feeling of warmth to the surroundings.

Taber table

Combine different colours, finishes, and base and tabletop shapes to create a unique design table.

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