The Lottus family, among hospitality and catering professionals

The Digital Rooftop of the EquipHotel trade show has had stools and lounges from this collection

EquipHotel took place from 11 to 15 November in Paris, an event for hospitality and catering professionals. The trade show reserved a place for the Digital Rooftop meeting space, created by Julie Gauthron, Christophe Gautrand and Benjamin Deshoulières; a journey through different bubbles that transported visitors to environments and experiences with furniture, among which there were several of our stools with spin and sledged structure as well as lounges with and without a writing table, all of them from Lottus collection, one of the most iconic family in Enea.

Furthermore, some areas were reserved for other kinds of activities, such as one dedicated to digital innovations and a Hotel Industry Expert Hub, where visitors received advice and first-hand knowledge of the latest experts’ research and thoughts, as well as several talks and a cocktail, all of that in a highly digital environment.

In addition, for the first time, start-ups from the hospitality and tourism sectors had the opportunity of having a space to present their innovative ideas.

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