Top design chairs for working from home

Sillas teletrabajo

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to our lives. Working from home has suddenly become a reality for many, having previously only been a minority choice. This has forced us to find a space at home with a suitable seat for this purpose. What’s more, the trend seems to be clear: working from home will become more and more common from now on.

Design chairs for working from home: the perfect mix of style and comfort

In addition to choosing the right place in the house, the choice of furniture is also crucial when working from home. The furniture needs to be comfortable and ergonomic to help you maintain a good posture throughout the day. However, this doesn’t entail having to sacrifice the style of your home office chair, because comfort is clearly compatible with good looks.

Discover the best design chairs for working remotely

We don’t normally have any seats suitable for the long hours of a working day in our homes. This is why we’ve prepared this guide to Enea’s best design chairs for your home office.

Lottus High design chairs: full back support while you telework

Enea’s Lottus High range features a distinctive backrest which is slightly higher than that of its standard Lottus collection. Lottus High has been specifically designed for work environments and showcases a wide range of possibilities.

Silla design Lottus High spin

Lottus High spin design chair

Thanks to its extended backrest, the Lottus High spin chair provides great ergonomics to help prevent back pains caused by the long teleworking hours. This chair has a 4-legged steel structure, which can be chromed or lacquered in 12 different colours, and features a broad range of finishes. In addition, this design chair is available in either fixed or swivel modes and can also include aluminium or wooden arms, which are ideal for telework.

Silla de diseñador Lottus High confident

Lottus High confident designer chair

Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, our Lottus High confident chair is perfect for working thanks to its high backrest. It features a 4-star aluminium base and a broad range of finishes: a polypropylene shell in one or two colours, with either an upholstered seat pad only or fully upholstered. This design chair is also available with castors.

Silla de oficina Lottus High

Lottus High office chair

As the name suggests, this chair from our Lottus High collection has been designed for the workplace. It features a 5-star aluminium base that can be polished or lacquered in any of the Enea colours, and also has a broad range of finishes available. This is a functional as well as elegant chair for your working day.

Kaiak design chairs: the warmth of oak wood

Our Kaiak chair range is one of our warmest collections thanks to the union of oak wood and the softness of the upholstery. This range is suitable for both domestic and professional environments.

Silla para teletrabajo Kaiak spin

Kaiak spin telework chair

Like the rest of our Kaiak collection, the Kaiak spin chair combines the contours of oak wood with upholstery, which provides unique comfort and much needed warmth to your work space. It comes with 4 lacquered steel legs, although you can opt for our Kaiak spin wood chair if you prefer it with solid wooden legs.

Silla design cómoda Kaiak confident con ruedas

Kaiak confident with castors: a comfy design chair

The Kaiak confident chair with castors is available with or without arms. It features a shell made of natural or stained oak wood and the upholstery can be selected from a broad range of options. In addition to the comfort provided by the upholstery, this chair will add warmth and colour to your home office, making it more homely and less office-like. Also available without castors.

Silla de oficina Kaiak

Kaiak office chair

The office chair from our Kaiak collection, with its wide range of upholstery options (full, three quarters, front, and seat only) fits perfectly in any area of the house, meaning that it won’t clash with the rest of the room if the office space is visible. Its 5-star base can be lacquered in 12 different colours, making this piece a fully customisable item.

Lottus Conference: professionalism in its purest form

If what you’re looking for is a chair with a professional look, we recommend our Lottus Conference range. With an elegant design, this collection will blend perfectly with your office space or telework desk.

Silla design Lottus Conference

Lottus Conference design chair

The Lottus Conference swivel chair combines professionalism with style and comfort. Its 4-star aluminium base can be either polished or lacquered in any of our colours, and its oak or birch wooden shell can be fully or partially upholstered. It includes a tilting backrest (with or without lock) that adjusts perfectly to your back.

Silla de diseño Lottus Conference con ruedas

Lottus Conference design chair with castors

With the same features as the Lottus Conference chair, this version with castors is ideal for both office and remote working environments. Its upholstery provides a touch of elegance to the setting and its high backrest fully supports your back to help prevent discomfort.

Silla Lottus Conference 5 radios

Lottus Conference 5-star chair

Our last suggestion is a swivel chair with a 5-star aluminium base that can be polished or lacquered in any of our 12 colours. Optional aluminium arms can also be added. This is the perfect chair for you to work from the comfort of your own home.

Furnishing your home office space with Enea chairs offers endless possibilities; all you need to do is find the one that best meets your needs.

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